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James Sanchez
Director of Tactical Training
Sanchez comes with more than 28 years of experience in the U.S. Air Force. Expertise include emergency medicine, global SAR operations of aircrew members, research/planning as well as executing successful military operations and counter terrorism activities in hostile environments. Sanchez also has exstensive training in areas of weapons and tactics, survival, navigation, mountain climbing, scuba diving, and free-fall parachuting.
Dan Barela
Instructor/Rescue Specialist
Dan Barela comes with 30 years experience primarily in the Fire Service. He has worked in flight medicine as a flight paramedic. He has also served with FEMA USAR for 14 years and is a Rescue Manager for International Disaster Response Team. Barela has deployed worldwide for disaster response and has a passion for training first responders around the world.
Randy Haugen
Instructor/Rescue Specialist
Randy’s career began in 2005 as a Reserve Firefighter in Arizona. After a 17 year career in retail management he began his current Fire and Rescue career and is currently a Lieutenant in NM . Randy also currently serves as a member of a Regional Heavy Technical Rescue Team. Randy is a licensed National Registry AEMT and holds Technical Rescue and Instructor certifications in Rope Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, Wilderness Search and Rescue, TECC, etc.
Dan Garcia
Instructor/CBRN Specialist
Dan joined the Army in 1997 where he became efficient in his navigational and rope recovery skills. He later joined a HAZMAT team known as the CST in the New Mexico National Guard. He spent 12 years with the team and has been a HAZMAT Technician since 2002. Dan worked as the unit Logistics Sergeant, Decon Team Leader, Entry Team Leader, and Operations Sergeant. After leaving the team, he finished his career as a computer technician for the 515th RTI Schoolhouse for the National Guard.
Gregg Kotila
Instructor/Rescue Specialist
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